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Vinyl Flooring Installed by Love Wood Floors
The most resilient flooring available today is vinyl flooring. It is easy on the budget, low maintenance, and durable. Vinyl tile has more texture and depth than it did when you were a kid. Vinyl looks like stone, tile, or hardwood.

Vinyl tile is available in an array of colors. It is so comfortable underfoot that you can stand on it for long periods. Vinyl feels warmer than tile surfaces. It is available in a variety of gloss finishes. A range of looks are at your disposal.

Vinyl flooring has four layers:

  • Protective urethane top coat
  • Protective clear vinyl layer
  • Printed design layer
  • Fiberglass or felt backing

It is available in planks and tiles. It can be laid in orientations that vary from diagonal to checkerboard. Some vinyl tile is grouted for a more realistic appearance and performs better than lower quality vinyl tile.

Vinyl planks are designed to resemble hardwood. Vinyl comes in the same sizes as wood planks. Vinyl planks have realistic features like beveled edges and texturing.

How to clean vinyl flooring

Vacuum, dust, or sweep regularly. Occasionally, use a damp cloth or mop to wipe the surface. Glossy floors need to be stripped and have polish reapplied as necessary. Do not buff or wax vinyl flooring.

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Where to install vinyl flooring

Vinyl was originally meant for hard-working rooms like playrooms, laundry rooms, baths, and kitchens. High-end vinyl flooring is making its way into all living spaces. Vinyl tile and vinyl plank are extremely pet-friendly. They can withstand messes and pet nails better than many surfaces.

With proper preparation, luxury vinyl flooring can be installed over nearly any clean, dry, flat surface. A plywood underlayment is the best underlayment in most places. The improved embossing techniques and printing produce a surface that feels and looks more authentic than ever.

We offer design consultations and installation. Let Love Wood Flooring experts provide professional vinyl flooring services.

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