Installing your own hardwood flooring is not as easy as it seems. Before considering installation yourself, you will definitely need to consider the below :

  1. Floor Prep & Acclimation: The concrete slab or plywood substrate must be flat and level in most cases and acclimation of the product must be done per manufacturers specifications.
  2. Height differences in transition areas: This can cause trip hazards and look unpleasant as well. This is caused by different thicknesses of flooring in different rooms. You want to make sure the thickness will match the thickness of the existing floor. If it doesn't, mud work prior to installation and/or transition pieces ( T molding, threshold, etc.) would be necessary.
  3. Warranty: The installation manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed precisely and the approved adhesive and underlayment must be used. Also, you will need to check the manufacturer guidelines for leaving gaps around the edge of each room for expansion. The guidelines must be used to ensure your warranty is in place and not voided.
  4. Moisture: Consider the rooms where the hardwood floor will be installed. A moisture test is recommended. Naturally, if one prefers their bathroom floor to be made of hardwood, this would entail a special type; special prep, adhesive and underlayment. It is Common knowledge that wood and water do not mix so be cautious of installing hardwood in wet areas.
  5. Installation type: Hardwood floors may be nailed down, glued or installed as a floating system. We typically recommend glue down installation. However, if the current floors are covered with ceramic tiles or vinyl and you would like to go over top instead of removing the existing flooring , the floating form is the best.

After taking the above facts into consideration, if you still think installing your hardwood flooring yourself is the right option for you, we will be happy to provide and sell the product to you. Some stores locally will NOT, unless you also buy installation services.

In conclusion, whatever type of hardwood flooring one chooses (Oak, Hickory, Maple, Acacia, Brazilian cherry, Walnut etc. you are sure to end up with a handsome element for the room that is both functional and durable. Call our store any time for more information.