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Love Wood Flooring's Floor Installation Service Covers Everything from Project Planning to Completion

Our licensed and insured technicians make installation of hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and more at the area’s lowest price. Love Wood Flooring knows that hiring the inexperienced flooring installation people can leave you with floors that lift up at the edges, have shorter useable life, or are even damaged beyond repair. That’s why manufacturers of flooring products and dealers alike recommend that homeowners choose professional installation to ensure flooring quality and longevity.

We offer the lowest rates on high quality home improvement services to the residents of Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero and all other communities in Southwest Florida. Love Wood Flooring's knowledgeable consultants are always prepared to offer you their hard-earned expertise on the best ways to prepare and plan your new flooring installation. We make residential remodeling easy and stress free, whether you want to change the floor in one of your rooms, or in your entire home.

Flooring installation planning is the important first step

The first step in any home remodeling project is to create a plan. We help homeowners determine an affordable budget and to best prepare for their new installation. For example, you can ask us for a free in-home measurement that will ensure that you are purchasing the correct amount of flooring materials. Love Wood Flooring also offers design advice to coordinate and match the design elements of your home’s interior.

Our estimation service is still another great resource at your disposal. We help you account for every dollar you will spend so that you save the most money and get the best overall results on your home improvement project. Don’t go it alone; plan everything from furniture removal to flooring maintenance, with the help of our remodeling experts.

Preparing your home for a flooring installation

It is important to think about several factors before anyone begins working on your home’s floors. To avoid any unnecessary problems, here are some tips:

  • Plan to be out of the job site area - If you are having flooring installed in your entire home, it might be best to stay with family, friends or in a local motel. While the job shouldn’t take us too long, bigger projects will require a longer amount of time.

  • Set some extra money aside – Factor some extra money into your budget just in case there’s an unexpected situation that requires it. This will ensure that your project runs smoothly.

  • Schedule some free time - You will undoubtedly need to take time off from work or school to allow the installation team into your home and also to keep an eye on the work being done. Love Wood Flooring offers flexible scheduling to help you work around your daily life, but if possible, you should be prepared to take a few days off during your remodeling project. Rest assured that we will do our best to work as quickly as we can to get you back to your normal routine.

  • Relax – Don’t stress over anything. We are always available to answer any questions that you may have about the project in progress.

Contact us using our online request form, give us a call, or visit us in our Naples, FL store to discuss your flooring installation needs and concerns with one of our professional people.
Flooring Removal by Love Wood Flooring in Naples FL

Love Wood Flooring's Floor Flooring Removal & Disposal Covers Everything from Project Planning to Completion

Check out our Du Ripper 5700 ride-on scraper machine.

Specializing in removal of tile, wood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, stone and more!

Virtually dust free and time efficient, we promise to make removal of your flooring as painless and easy as possible so your new flooring goes in without any issues.

For more info on this service, please call us today – or – come in to our lovely showroom.

Love Wood Flooring's Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Baseboards Service Extends Flooring Life, Avoids Costly Replacement

Eventually, every floor will need hardwood floor refinishing & baseboards to restore its beauty and long useable life at less cost than complete replacement. As beautiful as every new hardwood floor is, it won’t last forever without hardwood floor refinishing & baseboards or complete replacement. Fortunately, the lifespan and good looks of your hardwood floors can be lengthened without emptying your bank account for a complete replacement. There are several different ways to economically refinish your floor and Love Wood Flooring can do this for our customers in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero and other local Florida areas at surprisingly lower cost. Beautify your home with hardwood floor refinishing & baseboards.

First, the hardwood floor refinishing:

As the years pass, hardwood floors can become scratched, dull, stained and worn down from the daily foot traffic in your home. Depending on just how much wear and tear your floor has sustained, and how much money you want to spend to bring back its original luster and longevity, you can decide which hardwood floor refinishing option is the best for you. The other factor you must consider is how long you want people working on the floors in your home, since each option requires a different amount of time to complete. These optional methods include:

  • Sanding - The first option is traditional sanding. This method generally takes considerable time and can be quite dusty. Sanding your hardwood floors is the best solution if the floors urethane surface coating has been badly worn down, stained or damaged. To do this, all your furniture in the room must be removed to make sure the dust from the sanding process doesn’t remain after the job is completed. Not all floors require this amount of refinishing work, which is why there are other methods that can be employed. Dustless sanding is a recently developed technique that eliminates most of the dust resulting from the sanding process.

  • Screening - There is also a hardwood floor refinishing process known as screening. This is a process that doesn’t remove any hardwood; instead, it takes off the top layer of polyurethane plastic coating. This method is only suitable when the finish on the hardwood floor is worn, dull or scratched. However, the wood underneath the polyurethane finish cannot be damaged or stained. Again, all furniture must be removed from the room before this process begins.

  • Replacing the finish - Once the floors damaged surface finish has been sanded away and the dust removed, a new polyurethane coating is applied. We recommend putting a new coat down on the floors every two years or whenever the floor looks worn to ensure a beautiful look to the hardwood floors.

Even though this may seem simple enough, a lot of things can go amiss if you aren’t really familiar with the tools necessary to get this job completed properly. The hardwood floor refinishing specialists at Love Wood Flooring will get the project done for you correctly and quickly.


Next, baseboards to complete your room:

The lowest part of the room is actually the most important part. The baseboards are the lowest part of the interior walls, and their only purpose is to cover the floor joints.
Also referred to as skirting boards or mopboards, good baseboards will protect your floor from kicks, abrasions and scrapes. However, that’s not all these baseboards do; they also serve an aesthetic purpose, much like a great frame surrounding a fine oil painting. Therefore, it’s very important that your baseboards look as beautiful as the rest of your room.

If your room does not already include baseboards, or if the existing baseboards are just not ‘up to par’ with your beautiful new hardwood floor, Love Wood Flooring can help you choose and install suitable new baseboards at affordable prices.

If you’re thinking about restoring the dull or damaged hardwood flooring in your home, call us, email us or drop by our showroom in Naples, FL at your convenience to discuss the benefits and costs of hardwood floor refinishing & baseboards with our expert consultants.

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